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ISO/TC 213 (GPS) and ISO/TC 10 specifications and verification

Fundamental Geometrical Product Specification standards
ISO 8015 Concepts, principles and rules
Global Geometrical Product Specification standards
ISO 14660-1 Geometrical features
ISO/TS 17, orientation and location
ISO 1101 Geometrical tolerancing – Tolerances of form, orientation, location and run-out
First Representation of specifications in the form of a 3D model
ISO 1119 Series of conical tapers and taper angles
ISO 2692 Geometrical tolerancing – Maximum material requirement (MMR),
               Least material requirement (LMR) and reciprocity requirement (RPR)
ISO 3040 Dimensioning and tolerancing – Cones
ISO 5458 Geometrical tolerancing – Positional tolerancing
ISO 5459 Geometrical tolerancing – Datums and datum systems
ISO 10578 Tolerancing of orientation and location – Projected tolerance zone
ISO 10579 Dimensioning and tolerancing – Non-rigid parts
ISO 14406 Extraction
ISO 22432 Features utilized in specification and verification
General Geometrical Product Specification standards: Areal and profile surface texture
ISO 1302 Indication of surface texture in technical product documentation
ISO 3274 Surface texture: Profile method – Nominal characteristics of contact (stylus) instruments
ISO 4287 Surface texture: Profile method – Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters
ISO 4288 Surface texture: Profile method – Rules and procedures for the assessment of surface texture
ISO 8785 Surface imperfections – Terms, definitions and parameters
Form of a surface independent of a datum or datum system. Each of them has a part 1 for the Vocabulary and parameters and a part 2 for the Specification operators:
ISO 12180 Cylindricity
ISO 12181 Roundness
ISO 12780 Straightness
ISO 12781 Flatness
ISO 25178 Surface texture: Areal
General Geometrical Product Specification standards: Extraction and filtration techniques
ISO/TS 1661 Filtration
ISO 11562 Surface texture: Profile method – Metrological characteristics of phase correct filters
ISO 12085 Surface texture: Profile method – Motif parameters
ISO 13565 Profile method; Surfaces having stratified functional properties
ISO TC 10 Technical product documentation
ISO 128 Technical drawings – Indication of dimensions and tolerances
ISO 7083 Symbols for geometrical tolerancing – Proportions and dimensions
ISO 13715 Technical drawings – Edges of undefined shape – Vocabulary and indications
ISO 15786 Simplified representation and dimensioning of holes
ISO 16792:2006 Technical product documentation—Digital product definition data practices
ISO 16792:2006 was derived from ASME Y14.41-2003 by permission of ASME
ISO 2010

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