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Third-angle projection is primarily used in the United States and Canada, where it is the default projection system according to ASME standard ASME Y14.3-2003 and British Standard BS 8888.When the 3D object is projected into 2D "paper" After projected Front view the top view is placed on the top and the left view is placed on the left. The symbol shown as follow;

To show six views of the objects is possible by using unfolding the glass box method either for ISO and ANSI; A Glass box method is planes of forms always observed from out side of the box. The planes are placed parallel around the object as shown below. So the views of the object can easily be reflected to the  imagined planes around the box.

To Show Multiview Of Objects By Using First Angle Projection;

To Show Mutliview Of Objects By Using Third Angle Projection;

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