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Material Group According to DIN / ISO 513 and VDI 3323

Material Group According to DIN / ISO 513 and VDI 3323


Machinability describes the totality of all properties of a material that influence the machining process. Machinability is a characteristic of a material, such as a metal, that makes it easy to mill, turn, drill, shape, cut, grind, etc. Machinability can be difficult to predict because machining has so many variables. Two sets of factors are the condition of work materials and the physical properties of work materials. The condition of the work material includes eight factors: microstructure, grain size, heat treatment, chemical composition, fabrication, hardness, yield strength, and tensile strength. Physical properties are those of the individual material groups, such as the modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, and work hardening. Other important factors are operating conditions, cutting tool material and geometry, and the machining process parameters ( the main material group, chip formation and removal, specific cutting forces, design of the cutting adge of cutting tools, cutting tool materials and cutting tool wear.)

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